The Cascades Butterfly team is is responsible for monitoring butterflies and wildflowers along transects in ten subalpine meadow locations across two national parks. In order to obtain sufficient data to track trends in both North Cascades (NOCA) and Mount Rainier (MORA), the Cascades Butterfly crew is divided into two smaller teams, one at each park.

Our first week as the Mount Rainier Butterfly crew began with a trip to North Cascades National Park to meet and train with the our colleagues spending the summer there. I had the chance to meet my counterpart in NOCA, Alex Brito, an intern with the Latino Heritage Internship Program.

The Cascades butterfly project is a citizen science project, and one of its key missions is to involve volunteers in collecting data. After some training for Alex and I, the butterfly crew spent a day at Sauk Mountain in the North Cascades to train enthusiastic volunteers on the protocol for the transects. Some volunteers were new to the project, while others have been working with CBP for years.