Time is just flying by and I can not believe we are already so close to mid season. I guess when you love what you do, you don’t realize where the days go. This week we had the chance to  run a program out on Spectacle Island for the Mckay school called Buddy Bison. This program was organized by the National Park Trust Organization and funded by North Face, its main focus is to get kids out to their national parks. The group was fairly large so we decided to split in 4 subgroups of 20 kids. I was with Ranger Connor co-leading the “black panthers” group. We used visual thinking strategies to tell the Spectacle Islands’s tale of new beginnings. Our group was predominantly latino, and I was really happy to have the opportunity facilitate their experience in spanish if needed. It was really funny when the kids realized I spoke spanish, a few did not believe me and “tested” me by asking me questions in spanish. When they realized I was telling the truth I definitely felt that a connection was made. The students quickly became really comfortable with Ranger Connor as well as myself, asking us questions about the activity and telling us the information they already knew. Our group was truly amazing, they stayed very engaged and invested, even though it was a million degrees out.


Here is a 2 minute video that the National Park trust put together. I believe it captures our day pretty accurately! Full of Fun and Buddy Bisons!