Camping Trip with the Youth Conservation Corps in French Creek

 I love eating dinner outside watching the sun set and feeling the warm day begin to cool down a little. I love sitting around the campfire and hearing the cackling of the wood and watching its shadow dance. I love sharing laughs, stories, and music. I love the smell of marshmallows as they catch just a little bit of fire and get toasty outside and melt on the inside. I love laying down and stretching out my body ready for rest while staring up at the stars. I love being able to see the brightness of the stars, away from city lights, surrounded by the silhouette of trees. I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping feeling the warm sun shining on my face gently waking me up. I love opening my eyes and having the tips of tree branches come into focus as I wake up~



VAFO hosts a summer long event called the summer challenge for staff members. The challenge is to participate in at least three activities outside of the department you work for. I think this is really cool because it gives staff members the opportunity to experience first hand what others do on their day to day. One activity I participated in was learning the reenactment process of shooting a musket. The person leading this activity gave us a bit of historical background before teaching us how to load and fire the musket. This was one of my favorite history lessons because I was able to visualize and feel the weight of the muskets that soldiers had to carry. I was able to take a small step into history and imagine part of what day to day life was like for these soldiers. This helped me understand the importance of preserving historical structures and artifacts to allow people to envision snippets of historical events.






This is a hummingbird moth that at first glance may look like a huge bumblebee but once your eyes take a good look at it, it almost looks like a hummingbird