“Nothing is obvious to the uniformed”

A dedicated park volunteer told us this quote I really liked!

As I was walking slowly along the meadow and looking for butterflies I reflected on this. I am a person who at times finds it hard to speak up for myself but this quote really helped and made me realize there is no reason to not speak up for yourself after all, we are interning at national parks to learn!
I have really been enjoying the walks along the transects for my butterfly monitoring project. Before this summer, I had never walked along the path and paid attention to insects. Typically I would look up at the trees, look for birds at times, look for large wildlife, and look at the shrubs and grasses on the sides. Now, as I walk along trails even when I am not looking for these fairly small insects, I find myself paying attention to the smaller details that many people don’t usually find the time to stop and look at. This project has allowed me to slow down in this often fast paced world to observe and appreciate the little details.