On late July I started editing on the computer all the good recordings I’ve been collecting over the past couple of weeks. Harsh thing about field work is that after you spend a good couple of hours, and return to the office to check out the audio, turns out only a couple are good. And the number reduce even more so, when you polish it via a spectrogram using the software, Audacity.

Spectrogram example from bird recording using the program Audacity


The recorder equipment. These goes attached to a tripod and can go for hours.

Field work is still going with more stationary recorders, which can capture for more hours throughout the day. This way, it captures more birds and other critters like mice, squirrels and bugs. I learned how to use them recently the other day just for 2 hours. Now I just have to listen to the data and check out what kind of sounds !

View of Bullhead trail, where I set the recorders.











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