Cannot believe that 150 bee specimen have been pinned so far. How did I do it? So many tiny insects to pin correctly. Don’t get me wrong, I like pinning, but you know when to call it a day when there are tiny dots on your thumb from poking yourself so much. With time running by and the ending of this internship within sight, how can I accomplish everything. Summer is a short frame nowadays when you are just scratching the surface of a topic. Showing people what I have done so far feels like an accomplishment to me because someone sees my project for what it is to further understand pollinators. Many visitors do not get to experience what I am doing, but they can if given the opportunity. The last project of this internship will be writing a proposal to the park to set up transects at heavily visited sites along trails for visitors to get involved with pollinator counts. They will have the chance to learn about the different pollinator species by recording the number they see on flowers along the trails . This project would serve as a type of citizen science opportunity for people to collect data to help the park know what type of pollinators are out there during the season. Data collected can help resource managers understand how pollinator activity correlates with the blooming times

of flower species when restoring areas. The picture below is a cool moment with folks from two different internship organizations in the same room coming together to learn about each other’s experiences.


Written by Jacob Villalpando
I am currently working towards finding my undergraduate degree. My hobbies include hiking, wildlife monitoring, video games, and spending time with friends any family.