You need to try some new things once in a while and it may turn out fun. There is a lot fun involved with seeing smiling kids. We were all at the Porter County fair working a shift at the National Park Service booth. We were making making buttons for kids. We had different logos of animals for kids to color. We put it through the button making machine and they got it to wear. Many adults wanted to get on the fun and they made buttons as well. Other visitors talked to us about their experiences at the dunes. Most of them were more intrigued by the buttons. It was a good change change of pace to get a chance to interact with visitors on off-site events.

Trying to accomplish everything can be also a daunting task. Helping other interns with their project as important because it benefit both of them. I helped one of the other intern collect data on her vernal pool project. My role was taking canopy converge in areas and taking photos of plant species around the wetland for her botanist friend to identify. I also observed how to take GPS coordinates with different GPS units, and learned more about how to classify soil. The characteristics of soil were different depending where the sample was taken. For each vernal pool, which is a type of seasonal wetland, soil cores were taking on the inner and outer boundaries of the area. These characteristics further contribute to classifying vernal pools from other wetlands. With the last week of this experience in full spring, how can this end so soon.

Written by Jacob Villalpando
I am currently working towards finding my undergraduate degree. My hobbies include hiking, wildlife monitoring, video games, and spending time with friends any family.