My favorite net collecting day in Denali was when we hiked all the way to the tippety top of Sable Mountain. We are particularly interested in collecting syrphids (bee mimics) since they like hanging out in the rocky outcrops of the landscape. Initially our ascent began with hiking along Tattler creek which is very well known for high bear activity and is also the location of where the park discovered its first dinosaur footprint tracks embedded on the rock walls. It was a nice hike up the creek and we reached the gully where we then entered the tundra. In the tundra we collected a number of bees that were pollinating the variety of flower patches. We didn’t see bears, we didn’t see the dino footprints.

This isn’t the point. What was moving about this hike, was the name of the mountain. Sable mountain, the name of my elementary school, Sable elementary. That’s the age in which I realized I loved hanging out with insects. Those elementary years were the years where I owned my first ant farm, fed, watched them grow, that’s when I learned and became comfortable with catching grasshoppers with my bare hands, and catch lady bugs to count their dots. And here I was standing on Sable mountain, doing just what I learned to love when I was little, except a decade or so later, as a grown adult, with a paid job doing what i’d always been fascinated with and enjoyed so much.

There was also great views!