Mosaics in Science Diversity Internship Program

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Mosaics in Science Partners

The Mosaics in Science Internship Program is coordinated by the National Park Service and Environment for the Americas. Together, we work to provide unique experiences for diverse youth to work side-by-side with scientists, researchers, and educators.

Mosaics in Science 2020 Report

Studies of bats, caves, turtles, butterflies and more filled the 12 week internships. Meet some of the interns and learn about this rigorous internship program in our 2020 report. Read the report by selecting the image above.

"My internship has been full of learning from the start and have had many opportunities to gain skills outside of normal work tasks... MIS provided me with the opportunity to enter and understand the NPS. It encouraged me to continue to pursue my career goals and to make it easier for those that will come after me."

Edwin Torres, 2021 MIS INTERN

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