A New World

A New World

Hi my name is Malik Robinson and I am from a place called Waldorf located in Southern Maryland. I am currently a rising junior at the amazing and illustrious North Carolina A&T State University. While attending this college I am studying Sustainable Land Management. For those who do not know what that major is about, it is the science of soils and vegetation and learning ways to improve soil quality and plant growth in a safe way. Both of these places Waldorf and Greensboro (where A&T is located) are very city like and without much nature to view. When coming to Montana for this internship I really didn’t know what to expect, this was my first time ever flying, so that’s really what I was concentrated on. However when arriving to the airport in Montana all worries were out the window as soon as the plane became lower than the clouds all I saw was this great beauty that I have never seen before!

Its like a completely new world I have never seen such beauty and such enormous mountains so up close before. Therefore I love it here its amazing !!! It has only been a week since we arrived here and I already feel at home. For those who do not know I am currently completing this internship for the monitoring and inventory of Yellowstone Park. I am currently staying on campus at Montana State University in the town of Bozeman. In Bozeman there are so many nice people so it became easy to get settled in and also every where you go or any direction  you look, you will see a mountain in the background its simply amazing! Since we have arrived I have learned so much from types of plants, names of mountains, reading maps, learning GPS systems, safety in the parks and forest`s and have seen animals from big Bison and Elk, to little field mice. So far my favorite part has been traveling to Hyalite Canyon which was just beautiful and loaded with amazing scenery. There we climbed and got to about 6,256 Ft!!!

The Hyalite Reservoir




So far its been an amazing week and I can tell this is going to be an amazing internship experience to never be forgotten!!! I can`t wait for next week!



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