I’m glad to be back

I’m glad to be back

Last year internship work.

Hello blog reader,
Here is Fabiane Barato the intern of last year of Mosaic in Sciences (MIS) for the Gulf Coast Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (GULN), Gulf Island National Seashore project. On that project I had the pleasure of bringing to life more than 1500 35mm photo slides. Those slides were scanned and archived as historical records of the conditions of the barrier islands of Mississippi and Florida during 1980’s.
This summer I’m back at the GULN, for another MIS internship. However, this time I will be tracking Texas tortoises (Gopherus berlandieri) at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park, which is located in Brownsville, Texas.
If you did not read my blog last year let me introduce myself. My name is Fabiane Barato, but I usually go by Fabi (Fah-bee). I am originally from Brazil. I’ve been living in Lafayette, LA for seven years and a half. In Brazil, I graduated with an associated degree as an environmental technician, and I was on my third year of a bachelor in science (B.S.) in agronomy when I decide to move to the USA. Here I went to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I graduate with a B.S. in environmental sciences with a concentration in water and soils and double minor in biology and geology. During my undergrad I also got a certification on geographic information system (GIS), which will be very useful for me in this project. I’m currently doing my master in geology, analyzing the past forty years of water level data for the Chicot Aquifer, and I’m looking to graduate on the fall 2017.
Now you know a little bit about me. I’m excited to be back at the GULN office. I had a great experience last year and I’m sure this summer will be even better because I will be on the field at least once a month “chasing” tortoises. I know it will not be easy, we are talking about hot summer, ticks, cactus, rattle snakes, tortoises poop, and did I mention hot summer?!? But no matter what, I know I will love it. So see you next week for an update on my first field trip.

Lafayette, LA to Brownsville, TX. Source: Google Maps.

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