Coming back home

Coming back home


My name is Sophia Bass Werner and I am the 2017 mosaics intern for the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. I am originally from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, but have been living in Massachusetts for the past 10 years. You may be wondering why I choose to stay local when applying for this internship. Well, I have a long history with the Boston Harbor Islands I could not let go off. I have worked for them on and off for a period of about 4 years in a variety of internships and temp positions. A year ago, I graduated college from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Environmental Science Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately I was not able to lock up a permanent position with the park, and for the past year I was in between jobs hoping to find something that focused on my career. To my luck, the Boston Harbor Islands was going to hire an intern through the mosaics internship program, which my previous supervisor encouraged me to apply; and so I did.

Every time I have returned to the Boston Harbor Islands has been incredible! It always is like coming back home. However, this time around will be a little bit different. The past years my work has mostly focused in the management of natural resources. This summer however I will be transitioning into education. My internship this year focuses in enhancing the educational programs for kids of the Greater Boston area, as well as creating a interactive map summarizing the geologic inventory for educational use. I am very excited for this great learning opportunity! I know I will have my ups and downs but I am definitely ready and up for the challenge.

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