Consider the Sea Turtle

Consider the Sea Turtle

“Consider the sea turtle when you boat where they feed;

injuries can be avoided if we just reduce our speed.

Consider the sea turtle when you’re at the beach;

trash, holes and castles make the sea hard to reach.

Consider the sea turtle when installing outdoor lights;

they misguide hatchlings when they are high and bright.

Consider the sea turtle when you shop at the store;

plastic bags are deadly when they float beyond our shore.

Consider the sea turtle when you spend the day fishing;

lines, hooks and nets can prevent them from swimming.

Consider the sea turtle when using balloons;

if they land in the water they cause certain doom.

Consider the sea turtle when you want to fertilize;

runoff from rain will cause bad algae to rise.

Consider the sea turtle and work together;

because our actions can impact sea turtles forever.”

-Brittany Biber

When my friend Ashley shared this poem with me all I could do was smile. I love how it addresses major issues in a simple, understanding way. This poem is a great example of how we can inform the public and get them interested enough to pay attention to these topics. With minimal effort on our part, we can have BIG impacts on our surroundings.

  • Victoria
    Posted at 00:35h, 18 April

    What a lovely poem!
    My seven year old son who adores Sea Turtles just performed your poem (crediting you of course), at his school poetry day. Thank you.

    • Laura Palma
      Posted at 12:42h, 18 April

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Please let your son know he has made my week.