Hide n seek with Mnemonic Bird Song

Hide n seek with Mnemonic Bird Song

Stood in silence for a minute and enjoyed the light breeze grazing my skin in the hot humid morning. Took in the sound of cars driving past and a variety of bird songs all coming together. I glanced around at the tops of trees hoping to find one of the sources behind the choir of bird songs. Then from behind the branches of a tree, a vibrant orange dot was seen. When observed with the scope, you could see it moving it’s beak to make its contribution to the choir calling out, “Hear; hear; come right here; dear.”




Walking along, the trail winded out from the shaded understory and opened out into a sunlit meadow. As the sporadic breezes of wind blew the taller plants swayed along with it. During one of these breezes another bird was seen bobbing up and down perched on the plant. It opened it’s beak and sang,  “Hip; hip; hurrah boys; spring is here!”










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