Never underestimate young minds

Never underestimate young minds

Adams School hard at work writing their poems

Take thirty seconds to look at this picture and tell me: What do you see? What do you think is happening? Describe how the environment is/feels? Students take a second to observe the picture. I think to myself how is this activity going to play out with the kids. This is my first time really working with such a large group of young kids, and I have no idea the level of interaction we will get. “If there is no participation then what? Kids don’t really feel the need to speak when it is awkward.” But just like that I saw many hands go up. I was so impressed by the amount of enthusiasm I saw in these kids faces. They really wanted to share their opinion, their views.

Familiarization tour out on Spectacle for the new team members.

This week we welcomed a few new education team members. Throughout their training and familiarization, we went over visual learning and how we will be using it on a program on Friday. I was a little skeptical on how this new learning tool would work with fourth graders. I couldn’t really see how kids would interact with the activity. However, when I saw it in action I truly understood the power of allowing kids to discover the answers by themselves, like detectives. I also believe I underestimated these kids. Some of the questions and poems they came up with at the end of their activity, were incredible. The more experience I gain, it really reinforces my drive to fully commit to the educational field

Students having fun at the USS constitution museum

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  • Liza
    Posted at 23:41h, 08 July

    Love these posts and inspired to see Sophia Bass Werner, the harbor islands education team and Boston’s next generation leaders finding the power of place and feeling their connections to the pageant of earth’s unfolding. Can’t wait to follow Mosaic in Science summer intern blogs forward.