This week has consisted of a lot of in-office research and learning how to program custom recording schedule using various different configuration software. I can then import the programs I’ve created onto the Automated Recording Device (ARD) that we will be deploying throughout Everglades National Park in hopes of collecting acoustic data to monitor amphibians. We will be using several different ARDs to carry out our acoustic monitoring project which requires me to learn how to use several configuration software since each ARD has different programming compatibility and there is no single software that works for them all. I was also working on Kaleidoscope and Raven Pro to analyze some spectrograms.


Also here are some more pictures from my exploration of the national park on my own time. Enjoy!

Griselda Landa-Posas

So a bit about myself: I was born & raised in Colorado but I identify as a womyn of color and am of Mexican descent. I am currently a college student studying Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, and Ethnic Studies. Two of the things I love most is getting to spend time in nature and reading. I definitely view the outdoors and books as one of the finer things in life. My reading preferences are pretty widespread; I like reading historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, classics and non-fiction. I also enjoy biking, swimming, drawing/painting, gardening, and just wandering and exploring new places. I am not a big fan of pop culture and don’t watch much television, although I do enjoy watching documentaries and traveling/cooking shows.

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