The Mountains are my Office

The Mountains are my Office

I’ve officially started recording! I got my best recordings from birds at Clingman’s Dome, the highest point at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Fun facts about Clingman’s Dome is that at 6,643 ft, it is the highest point in Tennessee and the highest point east of the Mississippi. Since it’s so high, the temperature and vegetation can differ 10 ° to 20°F cooler  from lower elevations. When you look around you notice that a spruce-fir coniferous rainforest  dominate the view and smell. It literally smells likes Christmas along the trail.

Clingman’s Dome view from the tower

There’s an observation tower to which is a paved trail and only 0.5 mile. Since it sounded reasonable easy, I thought  “It shouldn’t be that hard”, and here I am writing as how I was a wrong. It’s short but very steep, I had to stop on almost every bench. I did stop to catch my breath, but also for the view. As you look around, you can find yourself in front of the most beautiful mountain range view ever.

Since it was packed with people I was a bit concerned of pulling out my microphone and start to record. It was sure going to get a lot of attention. On my way down, I started listening some interesting and different bird  calls. I just had to recorded record it, so I just put my shyness away and pulled the equipment out. I could notice people, especially the kids looking all curious for the equipment but they were more entertained with the spectacular view. I did got 2 people asked me questions about it.


Elevation mark from the view along the The Forney Ridge Trailm Georgia to Maine.

As I hiked back to the parking lot, I noticed there were other trails, Andrew’s bald. One of the interns from the Visitor Center had mentioned how beautiful it was. It was another short trail so I decided to go on this one. The Andrews Bald trail is part of  Forney Ridge Trail and part as well of the main Appalachian Trail, which crosses Clingmans Dome, marking the highest point along its journey from

I appreciated the solicitude of this trail. I got to listen to different birds and saw some funny squirrels! As I arrived to  Andrew’s Bald, there were not many people on the area so I catched my breath to a beautiful view of a cloudy yet clear view of the Appalachian Trail. The blue mist along the range of mountain looked magnificent.

Andrews Bald View

It was already sunset time and I got to appreciate this beauty along my drive back home.

“You are not in the mountains, the mountains are in You” – John Muir 




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