The Season has started

The Season has started


Having some fun on our way to work

This week I jumped right into the job. I began by familiarizing myself with the geologic inventory and brainstorming ideas of how I could reorganize the information to a more user-friendly educational database. An approach I have decided to use is a Story Map or an interactive Map, in order to spatially relate the information to the location of each geologic features that can be found on the islands.


During the week I also had the opportunity to prep and lead, with our team, a tidal pool exploration program for 6 graders. It was a fairly large group that split in 4 groups of 20. Ranger Rebecca and I lead one of those groups. The kids were great! I was very amazed by the amount of interest that they had and knowledge. The idea of the program was for each pair of students to create a healthy ecosystem in a bucket, and then share it with the group. All of them did a great job! It was truly a lovely experience to see them so interested and engaged.

Steward working hard, manually removing pepperweed (an invasive plant).

On Saturday, my last work day of the week, I got to participate on stewardship Saturdays a volunteer group organized by the natural resource department. The day focused in manual invasive plant removal, to maintain the biodiversity of the island. Having the opportunity to see my old team and long-term volunteers was quite a treat. It was great to catch up with them, as well as get to know new volunteers. Overall, this week was fantastic. I got to experience my first youth program with the educational team, as well as seeing and working with my old team.

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