EcoLogik: Week Two

During the second week of theĀ EcoLogik program, these young scientists covered more material than most adults could even fathom. Monday and Tuesday we dived into the creation and experimental execution of Biomimetic Loggers. Using RaspberryPi’s, the students

May the Forest Be With You

In order to determine the success of tree thinnings and treatments, forest monitoring is conducted to quantify the changes of the forest health.

The best part about forest monitoring is using all of the different gadgets to measure the growth …

First hikes and a Bear

The last few weeks here have been busy with field preparations and field work. Because we are working with insects, there are many details that go into preparing transects and in making sure we pack enough of what we need …

Oh joyous day!

Listening to the sound of water running through streams or rivers soothes me. I enjoy feeling the fresh current run through my hands. Who knew this is what a day in my internship would be like?!