An Introduction to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

An Introduction to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Me at Horseshoe Bend!

My first week at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has already thrown me into the middle of a busy, bustling, beautiful season. I have attended an aviation training, mist netted for bats, and found dragonfly larvae. I’ve met wonderful, funny, intelligent people who I can’t wait to work with and learn from. I was lucky enough to volunteer at Glen Canyon for five weeks last summer, so it feels like I’m returning to summer camp. The rangers and staff here really make it feel like home, and I’m so grateful to be among such a wonderful group of people working hard to protect our natural resources.

The Colorado River downstream of the Glen Canyon Dam.

Besides amazing people, Glen Canyon is full of deserts, canyons, and waterways. Some of its most famous features include Horseshoe Bend, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and the Glen Canyon Dam. On our off days, my coworkers and I can relax at Lone Rock Beach, hike to see petroglyphs, and roast marshmallows with Lake Powell as our backdrop. The southwest is truly a world of its own, one that offers endless adventures for those who are willing to accept the challenge.

While my main responsibility will be the Dragonfly Mercury Project (more on that soon, I promise!), interning at Glen Canyon means I get to help out with various projects. There is work being done with bats, owls, and mussels, just to name a few! Just last night, I went out with the bat monitoring crew and helped them catch and analyze bats in the park. We not only experienced the excitement of working with bats, but we also saw birds, dragonflies, and toads. The hours spent hiking, setting up nets, and recording data really brought us together as a group. I can’t wait to see what other opportunities await. Glen Canyon is a magical place with amazing rangers, flora, and fauna. I am excited to embark on more adventures and to keep you all updated along the way!

Wahweap Marina— as summer vacations begin, Lake Powell will be full of houseboats, jet skis, and kayaks.



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