Hello Summer

Hello Summer

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sebastian Alvarez-Espinoza, I am going to be Geoscience Technician over at Coronado National Memorial in Arizona. I am originally from Chile and moved to North Carolina back in 2006. I’ve lived here half my life and have loved the beautiful sights of the Appalachians Mountains to the barrier islands over in North Carolina. I graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors in Geology, hence my love for rocks and the outdoors.

I love the west due to the vast landscapes and the high altitudes that it has and can’t wait to be camping in the desert this summer. I am very excited about working with other interns, as well make some new friends on the way. I’ve never been this out west but cannot express my gratitude for being selected for this internship. I hope this summer to learn and run into new challengers which will only make this internship a greater journey than it already is.

At Coronado National Memorial looking at the great views and wildlife.

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