Sky Islands

Sky Islands

Out in Chiracahua National Monument hiking and looking at the hoodoos all around.

Coming to Coronado National Memorial, I was amazed and astounded by how tall the Huachuca Mountains are and their location on the border with Mexico/USA. This natural beauty provides great views all around, and ties together the bond that connects the United States to Mexico. Due to their altitude around the desert, they are called Sky Islands since they rise from a flat plain to huge mountains that can bee seen from far away.The border wall which cuts right though the Huachuca Mountains contain a beautiful marker commemorating the friendship between the two nations. Living in the park might be the most amazing opportunity I could have to be part of the National Park System, since I can wake up everyday and look at the wilderness out of my window.  The best view of the park is going on top of the Montezuma Peak which is highest accessible point through park roads.

Besides all the great sights and cultural points around the park, another great thing is my coworkers who make me very happy to come into work everyday, and have shown me around Bisbee and Sierra Vista.  We have visited many other parks that we will be working at such as Chiracahua National Monument and Fort Bowie National Historic Site. Some of our most memorable trips are the weekly trips to Mexican restaurants that Southern Arizona offers. I can already tell this will be an internship I will never forget. Coronado National Memorial should be on the top of anybody’s list of national parks, since it provides both the beauty of two countries along with an unbelievable wilderness that cannot be forgotten.

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