Rocky Mountains, Here I Come

As I anticipate my arrival at Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), I wonder what to expect in the geology of the Rockies.  As a geologist, I am curious to know how and when these mountains formed.  From my research, I …

BAM (Bat Acoustic Monitoring)

Being in a huge, remote park with a small staff means the big projects, like mine, are saved for summers. This summer as a Bat Communications intern my main project is to manage acoustic monitoring data on bats.

During the …

Boreal Toad found in Dyea.

Summer Projects

This summer I am working on a variety of projects such as air and water contamination, amphibian monitoring surveys, and fish larval sampling at Klondike Gold Rush NHP.

The town of Skagway is a major cruise ship destination and the …

Witness Trees

Witness What?

This summer I will be using G.I.S. and a GPS to map, and create a story map for Witness Trees in the National Capital Region. What are Witness Trees? A Witness Tree by definition is a tree that

My Project

It is the start of week four for me out here in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This week I am doing more literature review and getting ready to take data next week. I am past training and get to work …