An Unexpected Discovery!

An Unexpected Discovery!

Beautiful field right on the border where amazing agave’s grow.

The last few weeks have been a blast, I have had a lot of fun rating slopes and understanding the vast landscape over here in Southeastern Arizona. As I look back to where I was couple of weeks ago to where I am today, I am very glad to know that Geology was my true field to be in.  My  interest in Geology came from every weekend field trip me and my dad would take on back in Chile as kid.

He majored in Forestry Science over at the University Of Concepcion  where he did most of his research and would take me to field with him all the time. That was an interesting time for since we would be in the forest all day  and would encounter all kind of wildlife. My interest in working outdoors came from these memorable trips as kid.  It wasn’t until my last year in high school where I chose to follow the Geology route and had found what I had always been looking for. Working here in Coronado National Memorial has definitely placed a big impression into what I will be doing if working for the National Park System and definitely encouraged me to keep working hard to have the great opportunity of working in such wonderful are with such amazing staff, nature, and tools.

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