My Project

My Project

It is the start of week four for me out here in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This week I am doing more literature review and getting ready to take data next week. I am past training and get to work on my project for the summer.

My project that I am in charge of this summer is working with bats and white-nose syndrome. I am working with an awesome team who is helping with this project. I am more focused on the data and building a sustainable citizen science program to do the bat surveys. There are two different types of surveys the citizen scientists will be doing. One, a bat emergence survey, where they will count how many bats go into and out of a roost and two, an acoustic survey, where they will listen on a mobile device having an echometer attached to it, and it will tell you the species of the bat and let you hear the echolocation calls in a frequency that humans can hear. One of the locations is at the Ledges (pictured above), there is a cave called the Ice Box Cave. It is a pretty neat feature.

An interpretative ranger and I have been working on some interpretative programs. Some ideas have been to go to a farmers market to recruit volunteers for the project, inviting the general public to view bats and mess around the echometers, and some other fun kids games. It has been a fun and interesting process and I cannot wait for more!

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