Past Reflections From a Great Mentor

Breck Tyler

Past Reflections From a Great Mentor

As I reflect on my history and how I came to be so interested in working in the world of field biology, I think back to my time at the Friday Habor Labs, a marine lab in the San Juan Islands of Washington State and one of my instructors Breck Tyler. Breck is a researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz but is also a visiting professor for the Pelagic Ecosystem Functions Research Apprenticeship for UW.

During my time there I learned so much from Breck. From field identification of seabirds and mammals to ways to articulate science I look back and am grateful for his guidance. I had the opportunity to work alongside Breck and a couple other observers on research cruises where we conducted transect surveys of seabirds and marine mammals to better understand long term changes in the community and health of the ecosystem. Maybe it was the beauty of the San Juan Archipelago and maybe it was Breck’s deep passion for natural history and conservation, but that experience truly set my path towards where I am today.




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