Over the week I was able to meet many great new people, including those on the Elk and Vegetation Management Plan crew, which I am a part of. Every day I walk along a beautiful path and over a small bridge to and from work, it’s so refreshing. The mornings are full of talk of the day’s plan along with a fair amount of laughter to brighten up the day early.

Once I started going out to collect data, plenty of hiking was involved and the views are absolutely incredible! The weather radically changes which always makes for an exciting day! I’ve learned it is normal to cross paths often with elk and deer, but have kept distance because some females are pregnant. How exciting to soon see new babies introduced to the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

Alliyah Gifford

I lived in Pueblo, Colorado and completed my bachelor degree in Biology from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Through this university, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and work with sea turtles. That peaked my interest in traveling while lending a helping hand along the way. I love to be outside exploring and await new experiences and opportunities.

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