During the course of my internship I have participated in multiple cross-training activities with other departments in the park, as well as training courses to be recertified in first aid/CPR/AED and training to learn proper search and rescue technique. The cross- training I have received includes training in hacking Peregrine Falcons, interpretation and education activities, air and water quality monitoring and I am expected to cross-train in fish electroshocking later this week. I am grateful to my supervisor who organized the cross-training and the people who allowed me to shadow them for the day to learn more about the parks service and the different careers available within a national park. The cross-training provided me with the opportunity to learn about careers in wildlife, the physical sciences and emergency services in the park. As I begin to think about the possible career paths, I will keep in mind the training I received this week to help me decide what career I am best suited to. I look forward to helping out throughout the summers and learning more about the other possible paths within the National Parks Service

At Franklin Cliffs with the Peregrine Falcons


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