While working on the George Washington Memorial Parkway and conducting witness tree surveys I have had to go from place to place as far as West Virginia to as close as Union square in Washington D.C. Traveling to these places has taught me more than I ever knew and has had me walk on paths that I have never heard of. However recently I have had an adventure like know other. It all started with the search for an American Beech tree in Prince William Park Forest from looking at old photos and documents I determined that the tree was located close off the bank of a stream but on across the stream. That was day 1. The second day I visited the park it was raining and I mean pouring down! But this time I had help from one of the biologist employed at the park to find the tree. Realizing that we would have to cross the stream we put on waiters and rain gear necessary and hopped into the stream. This was a little unexpected that I actually got to put on waiters again and get in the water like i previously did on my past internship. Going into streams in Montana, will always be one of my favorite memories of that experience, and I did not expect to have it again.

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