Barking Frogs?

Barking Frogs?


Picture of the Montezuma Peak along with the park facilities including my house.

In the last week over here at Coronado National Memorial, we have been placing acoustic monitor devices all around the park to monitor the sound of “Barking Frogs”. These frogs come out after the monsoon here in Arizona and make a loud barking noise. It usually exerts this behavior at the beginning of the monsoon season for about 2-3 weeks and can be heard loudly all around the park. These frogs hibernate for over 11 months in the limestone caves where the temperature stays year round 69 degrees Fahrenheit. All of our acoustic monitor devices have been placed close to limestone rock where the frogs are known to be mating and can be heard barking “Walk!, Walk!”.

Batteries for the acoustic monitor system that can last for many months.


We have also made a lot of progress on my Unstable Slope Management Program and have only one more trail to finish. The Crest Trail that leads all the way to the highest point of the Huachucas Mountains. This trail is expected to take us a couple of days to complete since we will be needing to hike about 2,000 feet in elevation change and about 4 miles one-way. This is a very impressive trail since it also part of the famous Arizona Scenic Trail that goes from the Mexican border all the to Utah.  I have almost done all the hills and ridges here in the park and have found the greatness in the biology of that comes with the park besides all the rocks that astound me. There so much biodiversity in the park and it encompasses all types of insects and animals that can only been seen in this area. Can’t wait to go to Denver and show all the other interns what I’ve been working on this summer.


Great Sonora Centipede seen here in Coronado National Memorial.


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