This week we had a special event at Capulin Volcano National Monument, BioBlitz 2018! Our BioBlitz is a yearly event where we invite the public to take part in several fun and educational activities not offered year round. A big part of a BioBlitz is doing plant and wildlife surveys to get more information on the species present here at the park. We offered various birding and plant hikes where we had experts help us identify species, which we then input into iNaturalist.


Ranger Lynn at the bug eating/ junior ranger table.


There were also other fun activities such as our Junior Ranger table, where people could learn about insects and their roles as both food and pollinators, and try some edible bugs if they were brave enough! We also did our hummingbird banding program in the morning, and had a table where we explained how and why we conduct prairie restoration. Kids and adults alike were able to plant native grass seeds with us, and see some of the behind the scenes work we do here at Capulin. Overall the event was a great success, and our visitors really enjoyed all the special activities! Until next time!


Buzz and Ranger Cassy assisting a Junior Ranger with the release of a banded hummingbird.

Ranger Cassy getting help with our grass propagation.

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