Into the Humidity

Into the Humidity

I know when you start an internship you are supposed to have an idea of what you are getting into and what your goals are to grow within the positon. I remember telling my supervisor, “anything with bats or wildlife, or plants or whatever. I am open to it all.” I was open to everything because I have realized that I like it all. Which is both hard to specialize but nice to try different things.

I have gotten the experience I wanted! I rapelled, camped, mist netted, monitored, caved, and interp-ed. This week I am even doing an intensive field techniques workshop for bat science and it is easily one of the most memorable parts of my time here. I’m writing this as I am a little sleep deprived from staying up late to net and getting up early to finish up my work projects.

Pallid bat caught at the bat workshop

This internship is undoubtedly incredibly specialized and focused. Even though this is different from my other more general internships, it was challenging and full of all kinds of learning. My supervisor was patient, even when I made mistakes, and I now feel prepared to go into bat biology.

As bat biologists say, “once you go bat you never go back,” and after this internship, I think that may be true. So now onto Colorado for my post-internship workshop and then back to school in Virginia!

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