I’ve talked a bit about the phenology project at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, so now I’d like to update you on what’s been happening the last few weeks.  Once a week, I go out to Lily Lake to see if any of the target plants have changed seasonally. For example there is a wax currant plant that I monitor to see if it has had any flowers, berries, or any other changes that make sense with the time of the year.  As I walk along the lake, I also monitor what wildflowers are blooming and make note of what week it is so that we have a good record of the time that these flowers are blooming and when I see the last of them.  As a part of the survey, I ask the survey-taker to make note of what flowers they see as well.  I’ve also been able to work with some park volunteers to hear their feedback on the survey so far, and they’ve all had mostly positive things to say! I’ve really enjoyed this project and I hope that once the survey rolls out to the public, it will bring joy to others as well.

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