Sunset on a Volcano

Sunset on a Volcano

This summer has flown by, just as I knew it would. This is my last full week at Capulin Volcano National Monument, before heading to Denver for our Mosaics in Science workshop in Lakewood, Colorado. While I am sad that my internship is quickly coming to an end, I feel really proud of what I was able to accomplish this summer. I hope my pollen identification guide will be helpful in training new employees on proper collection techniques, and will be utilized for pollen identification in the years to come. It would be amazing to see more parks participate in hummingbird monitoring, and maybe my presentation in Denver will inspire a few people to look into bringing the program into their own parks. I am also so excited to meet the rest of the interns next week, and see all the amazing projects they have been working on this summer! A huge thank you to my site supervisor Zach Cartmell for all of his support with my project, as well as the rest of the Capulin team who were always ready lend a hand. Thank you to everyone who makes the Mosaics in Science program possible, including everyone at Environment for the Americas and Greening Youth Foundation. I can’t wait to see you all in Denver!




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