Nick Bartush is a brilliant coworker I have had the pleasure of working alongside this summer and has truly made hard days a little brighter! Often arriving to work early and leaving the last second of the day, I see a tremendous amount of effort put into all task before him. In the field I learn so much and more just walking along to the work sites. I’ve learned about various shrubs, trees, birds, elk, moose, and flowers over casual conversation or while learning a new protocol. Learning how to do something new Nick is a great person to learn from, very patient, explains things clearly, and ensuring there is no overload of information.
My greatest learning experiences so far have been working alongside Nick. In one moment I am asking about a particular flower that caught my eye, and later he might ask me again,”What is the name of that flower?” It’s great! It keeps me on my toes when asked on the spot and makes me think a little harder than if I never asked about that flower. Nick has a way of explaining things that just resonates with me, its always a wonderful experience when I am learning something from him.
Nick is very mindful of any questions asked and typically answers anything thrown his way. At times I do not even realize I was questioning something until he goes into more depth, answering the lingering questions in my mind. On that rare occasion that he is just unsure, he knows exactly who to direct the question towards for an exact response. The ability of the mind to harvest mass amounts of information on all different topics, thoughts and interests is incredible. It simply amazes me daily! Nick is a human being capable of great things merely because his mind is so powerful in understanding and storing information. It seems as if the information obtainable in an instant. It is a joy to watch and work alongside Nick to see all these processes play out through the day. Nick is an inspiration to work beside!

Alliyah Gifford

I lived in Pueblo, Colorado and completed my bachelor degree in Biology from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Through this university, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and work with sea turtles. That peaked my interest in traveling while lending a helping hand along the way. I love to be outside exploring and await new experiences and opportunities.

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