Week 8: Something Special

Week 8: Something Special

Pictured: Me and my friend, Caroline Black, a member of the invasive species removal crew sampling plants in the meadow. Caroline is recording the species that we find as I lean down to identify a plant.

Pictured: The Botany Crew and two members of the fire effects crew as we take a picture celebrating the end of the meadow sampling, on this day we finished the last 6 meadow transects that ran through the most difficult portion of the meadow . From left to right: Aliya Khan, Maddie Spooner, Michael Pahler, Paige Carncross, William Rechkemmer, William Bloomhardt, Stephen Paull, David Cuthrell.

Pictured: Me in the Big Meadows Swamp measuring the length of the longest basal leaf in the clump of Iris versicolor.

Pictured: Me in the foreground kneeling to identify the plants in the sampling area, behind me another member of the botany crew also identifies plants. Across from us Micheal Pahler and William Bloomhardt shoot laser pointers at plants.

Pictured: The Big Meadow with a clump of Lilium superbum in the foreground.

Pictured: Me in the Big Meadow Swamp looking for rare plants and small woody species within the sampling area.

Pictured: A thistle.

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