A Green Desert Landscape in Arizona

A Green Desert Landscape in Arizona

Going over the last 11 weeks I been here in Coronado National Memorial, I have learned many new things that will help in my future in the Geosciences. This summer has a been a a very important time for me. I have learned a lot about Arizona and the what the great desert has to offer. The long days here really brought peace to mind and allowed me to think. The vast desert landscape has molded me in so many ways, mentally, and physically. The most outstanding feature of the park has been the monsoon changing the landscape to a beautiful green resembling the hills in Ireland. Who would have thought that Arizona could looks so beautiful in the summer?

My supervisor, Jessica Garcia, has taught me so much about the park an all the other aspects of the Southeast Arizona Group (SEAZ) which will be convenient to my resume for when I apply for jobs. I’ve learned skills from Cave Management, Bat Mist Netting, as well as Wet/Dry Mapping.  Working in the SEAZ has helped me in many ways to be not a only a better employee, but a better Geologist!

Jessica and Diehl caving! I took this picture while they were crawling out.

I had the great opportunity this week to meet Ricardo Escobar, who was a past Mosaics Intern over at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Colorado and got to learn about him along with his work now over at Petrified Forest National Park as an Educational Specialist. I showed him the many trails and roads in the park. I have been working on for the summer. He was very interested in the rock formations around the park and was very excited to see Coronado Cave. It was great to speak to another fellow geologist.!I feel blessed to know there is such great people in the park service.

Ricardo Escobar in Coronado Cave .

As I finish my work here in Coronado National Memorial, I am sad sad to leave, but happy to have met such great people in the park. I have to give thanks to my supervisor, Jessica Garcia, and the other interns; Julia Grabowski, Diehl Sillers, and Joanna Scuteri who have made this internship so memorable to me. I plan to hike Millers Peak this weekend. which is the highest point in the Huachucas Moutains.Wish Me Luck!


Me and Julia at the top of Montezuma Peak. Tough Hike!

Diehl, Julia, and Joanna all out in the field working.

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