Last Blog, More Adventures to Come

Last Blog, More Adventures to Come

As the MOSAICS internship is coming to a close, and my time in Rocky Mountain in nearing an end, I’d like to review my time here and where I’ll be going forward.  Overall, I’ve learned a lot in my weeks here in the Park, especially about ecology and wildlife.  When I started the program, I really had no expectations for what exactly I would be doing.  However, I was quickly thrust into the folds of the science communications team and had a couple of projects to work on.  As I’ve mentioned before, I worked on a Lily Lake survey and a limber pine internal data synopsis project.  Both projects are fairly different from each other because the Lily Lake survey is more interactive with the public and the limber pine project works with internal staff more.  I enjoyed certain aspects of both projects.  For instance, the Lily Lake project allowed me to grow in my public outreach and survey-making skills, while the limber pine project honed my skills of research and synthesizing large amounts of data.

Throughout the internship, I’ve met many people who have taught me knew things and who have welcomed me into the Park.  Overall, I think I’ll miss this part of the internship the most – interacting with people.  I know that many of the connections I’ve made have been for a reason, even if that reason is just to know that a monument flower only blooms biannually.  I appreciate this opportunity and I look forward to finishing it out for the rest of August. I plan to continue the two projects that I’m focusing on and other side projects as they come along.

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