A Summer in Arizona

A Summer in Arizona

A Summer in Arizona

Welcome to Coronado National Memorial!

Hello all!

My name is Estefanía Vicens-Clavell, I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I am very happy to be a Mosaics in Science intern this summer! I am interning as a geomorphology assistant at The National Park Service’s Southeast Arizona Group (SEAZ) that includes Coronado National Memorial, Chiricahua National Monument, and Fort Bowie National Historic Site. Projects could include cave monitoring and restoration, GIS and data management, imagery analysis, air quality monitoring, landscape photography, bat mist-netting, among others. I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a minor in Literary and Cultural Studies of Women and Gender.

Team photo, from left to right: Zach Palma, Estefanía Vicens-Clavell, Vanessa Wyns, Karen Krebbs and Jessica Garcia.

I had the great opportunity to visit Arizona and New Mexico as part of a trip organized and directed by my geology department in 2017 where we visited many places from the Grand Canyon in Arizona all the way to the Canyon de Shelley in New Mexico. I saw some of the most amazing geology probably anywhere in the world. This is my first internship and I’m so excited and looking forward to this new experience. I’ll be learning more about the geology of southern Arizona, which I hadn’t visited, and it’s a great opportunity to interact with other investigators and learn about other science fields different from geology. A great example of this was doing field work with the biologist Karen Krebbs before the start of the internship. We mounted bat mist-netting at Coronado National Memorial and although we only caught five bats it was a lot of fun and something completely new for me.

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Bat mist-netting, Myotis ssp (Photo credit, Palma, 2019).
Bat mist-netting, Myotis ssp (Photo credit, Krebbs, 2019).
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