Cross Country

Cross Country

Hello! Welcome to the Xavier Rivera edition of the Capulin Volcano National Monument blog.  It will be hosted by yours truly, Xavier Rivera.  As I write this post, I have arrived at my yurt in Capulin after three-ish long days on the road.  I am from Cleveland and next fall will be my last semester at Cleveland State University.  I’ll be graduating with a degree in environmental science with a focus in biology.  I’m thrilled to be starting my work soon.  As a biological technician, I have a few responsibilities.  I will be doing work in a green house to cultivate native plants, working on a pollinator library, documenting pollen samples, and, most excitingly (to me), capturing and banding hummingbirds!  This research will be used to study the phenology of hummingbirds and flora as it changes due to climate change.  I can’t wait to have more details to share after I’ve begun my work.

Until then,

Xavier Rivera

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