Born To Be Wild: A Yellowstone National Park Adventure

Born To Be Wild: A Yellowstone National Park Adventure

Greetings from Southern California! My name is Alyssa Canova. This summer, I am interning as a Biology Assistant for 1) Yellowstone National Park’s Center for Resources and 2) the Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network. I graduated from the University of California Riverside last year with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. I have a fascination with insects and, as such, have been a member of an entomology research laboratory on campus for the past two years. In the lab, we seek to answer questions about the genomics and ecology of ants and social wasp species; this involves both genetic work and behavior trials. I also volunteer at a Pomegranate lab, where we seek to discover unique characteristics of different cultivars of pomegranate plants through grafting, fieldwork assessment, and propagation. 

Although I am both familiar with and very fond of the outdoors, I have not yet had the chance to combine my love for research with my passion for the outdoors. This internship is especially exciting for me, as I am incredibly interested in learning more about natural resource sampling, climate monitoring, and searching for the presence or absence of environmental indicators. Although my future endeavors will encapsulate the relationships between the changes in natural resources and biodiversity, I have not decided which focal genus and/or species I want to work with. I am hopeful that this internship will allow me to gain the skills and knowledge I need to successfully complete a master’s and PhD program, as my ultimate goal is to eventually become a scientist with the National Park Service. Some of my hobbies include observing and collecting insects, exploring new trails, backpacking, kayaking, witnessing floral blooms during springtime, watching nature documentaries, and riding roller-coasters at Disneyland.

I can bear-ly contain my excitement!

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