Ice Cream Rocks!

Ice Cream Rocks!

Ice Cream Rocks

Being in the park service has truly changed how I look at natural features in the wild along with its sheer size. Petrified Forest National Park is a big park that takes 45 minutes to drive from North to South. Everyday I learn something new about the park and something hidden that most people don’t get to see. This last week, Chuck the paleontologist in the park took us to this great area in the park named Ice Cream Rock which is a mixture of sand stones that were created from two different sources of sediment creating a colored sandstone that resembles Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Lookout to the park at the south side.

Since going to Ice Cream rock, I have gained many different skills such as going roving to answer visitor questions along with leading people on simple trips around the park. This week has been great since I also got to see the ecology in the park by helping to set traps for lizards. As much fun as it was, it was still a hard day working under the hot Arizona sun. I hope to work with ecology more later throughout my internship.

Prickly Pear Cactus in the hike to Ice Cream Rocks.

Working as a interpretative assistant has taught me on how important our role is in the park and how without us the parks resources and research would not be important to the public, so our job to get science to the masses is a great responsibility. I am glad this year to be working in Interpretation which has shown me how important all different division of the park service must work to have a park running efficiently.

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