Influential People I Know

Influential People I Know

For me, the two most influential people I know right now is my mom and my supervisor.

The first person is my mom who has been there for me all my life. She has always been there for my darkest hours and for my brightest moments. Always in my corner, always trying to lead my down the right path in life even though I tend to choose the wrong one from time to time, but the main things is never giving up on me. I can only be half the person that she is right now.

The second person that is influential to me is my new supervisor. For the short time I have known them, I have gained so much knowledge and advice about what my future may look like; crazy if I am completely honest with myself. I have so many different paths I can take now because I don’t hesitate to ask questions about things in the near future or things related to my job. Somethings that is big for me is that if I ask a question about one thing, I get the response to my first question and 3 answers to questions I haven’t asked yet.

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