Influential Persons

Influential Persons

Estefanía Ramírez and I at Coronado National Memorial (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).

This blog focuses on women because most of the time I am working with them. They are very intelligent, creative, and dedicated to what they love. 

Jessica Garcia

Jessica is the physical scientist of the Southeast Arizona Group (SEAZ) and is my primary supervisor. Her background is in hydrology and geomorphology. She started as an intern at CORO and is currently working for the National Park Service. As physical scientists, we focus on air, water, and land use monitoring programs to improve management within the critical zone. Jessica is my mentor as well as the mentor for the GIP interns, and she guides us as future geologists.

Jessica Garcia at Chiricahua National Monument (Photo credit, Garcia, 2019).

Helen Fitting

Helen is a biologist at CHIRI. I attended her agave restoration training and learned how to preserve them at the parks. Also, I learned about natural resources, plants, trees, and bats in the field with her. She has many interesting stories that have helped me learn about biological diversity in the US.

Helen talking about agave at Coronado National Memorial (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).

Erica Doody and Brooke Kubby

Erica and Brooke are both geologists and GIP interns for six months at CORO. Erica has a master’s in geology with a focus on paleoclimate. Brooke is about to start grad school for a degree in geophysics this upcoming spring.

Erica Doody at Chiricahua National Monument working with USMP (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).
Brooke Kubby at Montezuma Pass (Photo credit, Gonzales, 2019).

Estefanía Ramírez and Vanessa Wyns

Estefanía and Vanessa are my roommates and they both work as interpreters in the visitor center at CORO. Estefanía is a biologist international volunteer from Sonora, Mexico that works with bats. She has taught me a lot about the culture of northern Mexico. Vanessa is from Colorado and has a background in botany and art. She completed her master’s degree in England.

Estefanía Ramírez at Fort Bowie National Historic Site (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).
Vanessa Wyns at Chiricahua National Monument (Photo credit, Kubby, 2019).

The work has all been very professional and we enjoy working in the field and laugh together as we work. It has been a real honor to be around so many interesting scientists. This is the best work environment I’ve ever had. We are not only colleagues, we are also becoming friends. I can only hope we work together in the future.

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