Exploring Sequoia!

Standing in front of the ranger station in Mineral King, California

Exploring Sequoia!

Greeting from Sequoia National Park! After journeying through West Texas, the Arizona desert, and navigating the 20 mile scenic drive up the winding mountain, I arrived at my internship site in Mineral King, California.

Welcome sign to Sequoia National Park
Welcome sign to Sequoia National Park

Generally when people envision Sequoia National Park, they picture the giant majestic namesake Sequoia trees. The drive up the mountain opened my eyes to the plethora of landscapes the park has. I was awe-struck by rapid rivers that transformed into waterfalls, the lush greenery and various mountain peaks. One of the most shocking things I have discovered is that some of the mountains still have snow on them, parts of the park still has knee-high snow, and the surrounding lakes are still completely frozen in June!

View of the mountain with snow still on it
Taking in the amazing view at Sequoia National Park

Sequoia and King Canyon National Park resides within the Sierra-Nevada mountain range. The park housing sits at an elevation of 7000-7400 feet above sea level and the ranger station is at an elevation of 7580 feet above sea level.

I arrived at the park just two short days ago, but I have quickly become enamored with it. One of the aspects of the park I really enjoy is the quiet and stillness that surrounds me, it is incredibly peaceful and calming. I am excited to explore the nature trails the park offers. Mineral King, CA has minimum to no light pollution, so I cannot wait to take in the sight of the night sky here!

I am looking forward to diving into my internship this Summer! Stay tuned for more information about my project for this Summer.

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