First Hiking Adventure in Mineral King

First Hiking Adventure in Mineral King

Mineral King is a special place and on my off days I am working to take advantage of the beautiful scenery the trails offer.

This Summer, I am working alongside Ashton Hall, a volunteer in the Mineral King Ranger station, so we explored the trail together. My first trail adventure started with the Nature Trail here. The Cold Springs Nature trail offers views through meadow and the aspen groves. Along the Nature Trail we discovered a plethora of beautiful flowers.

Fragrant leopard lily (Lilium pardalinum) found along Nature Trail in Mineral King and Sequoia National Park

Some of the flowers we found include the Leopard Lily which is a flower native to California. Not only are these flowers beautiful, but they offer a very sweet, almost perfume like, smell. These flowers are quickly becoming my favorites here in the park.

Red flower found along the Nature Trail
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