In honor of completing my 5th week, here are 5 things I’ve learned at Biscayne National Park:

    • A key (or cay) is a low-elevation island made of sand or coral, formed on top of coral reefs when ocean currents carrying loose sediment converges with another current and releases that sediment.
    • An island, in general, is a contiguous area of land surrounded by water.
    • So, a cay is an island, but not every island is a cay!
    • Here’s a map of the Florida Keys:
    • I just completed data analysis on my first group of fish 🙂 There were 12 species of snappers to look at and I’ve attached below one of the graphs I made using R and Excel. This shows the where snappers within Biscayne National Park were found between 1999-2018 by habitat strata, where
FDLR is deep forereef
FMLR is mid forereef
FSLR is shallow forereef
HRRF is high-relief reef
INPR is inshore patch reef
OFPR is offshore patch reef
MCPR is mid-channel patch reef
LUT APOD represent schoolmasters (Lutjanus apodus), LUT GRIS 
represent gray snappers (Lutjanus griseus), and OCY CHRY represent
yellowtail snappers (Ocyurus chrysurus)
    • There are over 580 reported invasive species of plants, animals, and insects in the Miami-Dade County of South Florida. As a result, there are many efforts to combat these species in order to protect the delicate, natural ecosystem. Some invasive species include green iguanas (native to Central and South America), Burmese pythons, and lionfish (native to the Indo-Pacific Ocean).
    • My work is largely independent, so being self-disciplined is key. I am learning how to remain motivated and how to set realistic goals for myself throughout the day. Inspiring and intelligent co-workers make this easier!
    • Even on the day that I spent learning about the Incident Command System (a standard approach to incident management), I was learning something new! I’m also learning how to cook for myself and how to fend off mosquitoes 🙂 This summer is flying by and I hope to take advantage of every day’s opportunities to learn and develop myself.
10 June 2019: Tagging along for run of a new boat engine
21 June 2019: On the way to do white-crowned pigeon and sea turtle nest surveys

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