Keying In #7: Christine In!

Keying In #7: Christine In!

Christine Louis-Jacques, a Project Manager with the Greening Youth Foundation, was able to come for a site visit last Friday (12 July).

Along with three other biologists, we started the cloudy day off with sea turtle nest surveys on two beaches. The first nest of the season was excavated! It was pretty successful: about 104 eggs hatched (≥ 50% of the egg was opened); and 9 undeveloped (still yolk) or underdeveloped (baby turtle was only partially formed) eggs. Another nest was found to be, unfortunately, completely inundated on that same beach.

After looking for turtle activity, we snorkeled and saw some sea grass, coral, fish and other sea creatures ???????

When we reached the park headquarters, it was time for lunch and cleaning ourselves up. Then I gave an informal (i.e. very informal) presentation of my R and Excel work to Christine and Vanessa. We also had time for a tour of the visitor center.

Although this was not a typical day for me, it was a successful and eventful visit of Biscayne National Park.

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