My Weekly Adventures

top of high rock lookout

My Weekly Adventures

So far at Mt. Rainer, I have been on many adventures that will stay with me for awhile because how beautiful everything is out here. On good days any trail you take that has a decent view of the mountain will turn into an amazing trip. This is because of how big and clear the mountain becomes when it actually visible and not hiding behind the clouds.

I think the best adventure I have been on has been a little hike up to high point lookout with a good view of the mountain. It is a pretty easy hike with only a a little bit elevation gain. (I actually don’t know the elevation gain but it might be from 500 to 2,000 feet). What I really like about this hike was the view at the top of the vista point and just seeing everything. It was a little hard work for a major reward. After the hike, we sang some karaoke which was pretty fun after a really good day on the trail with an amazing reward.

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