Project for the Summer in Mineral King: Night Skies and Natural Sounds

Purple flowers growing on the side of the mountain in Mineral King

Project for the Summer in Mineral King: Night Skies and Natural Sounds

It has been a couple of weeks since I arrived here at beautiful Mineral King, inside of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. This summer I will be responsible for two major projects. The first involves developing and designing an 45 minute evening program on the night skies. The second project involves developing a pop-up activity on the night sky and natural sounds.

Examples of props I designed for my evening program “Astronomy and Us”. Did you know that the Subaru car logo is designed to reflect the Pleiades star cluster (one of the most recognized star clusters visible to the naked eye)?
DIY comet prop I made for my evening program.

For the evening program I have developed a program titled “Astronomy and Us!”. The idea behind the program is that it tells a chronological story of astronomy starting from Ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), going into astronomy used by Native/Indigenous/Aboriginal peoples, astronomy utilized by Black people, and finally a discussion on the ways in which astronomy has influenced modern society and pop culture.

This past Saturday, I presented my first evening program to a group of 16 campers! The evening was a success and at the end I even spotted a Black bear on my way back home–my unofficial welcome to Mineral King!

CAMPFIRE CIRCLE where I will be presenting my evening programs this Summer

I have been having a great time developing the evening program on night skies and my mind is buzzing with ideas for the pop-up activity on natural sounds and night skies.

Thanks for tuning into my blog and following my Summer adventures in Mineral King. Until next time!

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